March 1


Pugs are the best dogs in the world, I don’t have one though, but they are still amazing dogs. They are the best because they just are.

Do You Think Pugs Are Amazing? Please say yes.

February 24

The Zika Virus

In Brazil there has been a lot of talk about the Zika virus. The Zika virus is caused by mosquito’s and it gives you sore muscles and sore eyes, if you are pregnant though, the baby might have a small head, or brain. The Zika virus was discovered in the 1970s when a scientist found a monkey with the Zika virus. The reason there is a lot of chit chat it is because the olympics are coming up, hopefully it wont affect the olympians…


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November 3

School production review

Last Thursday we had our school production called Beyond the Autumn Mist it was about a dragon trying to find a fairy tale, our dance was “Get Up And Dance” but it is actually called Shut Up And Dance I didn’t do very well in it because I stuffed up one of the moves in it. We also did Ring Ring, our fairy tale was Rapunzel, and the all senior dance was Single ladies. The theme was fairy tales , and overall I think it went pretty well, because the acting went pretty well, the props were pretty good and it was one of the best school plays I have ever been in so far.

October 9


Today we had some people from Whitehorse doing a transit program.A transit program  is where we learn about using transportation to get to school, for example, what are some environmentally friendly ways of getting to school. We also learnt about what to do if you a scared when you are on public transport or what to do if there is a fight going on in a train or tram. Hope you learnt something from this post, goodbye!

September 18


This term has been one of my best terms this year because we did lots of cool things like doing presentations on famous Australians in history,  practicing school play and Italian day. I have had lots of fun and I am definitely looking forward to next term.