August 21

Adam Goodes

Hello, today I will be talking about Adam Goodes, he has been called many names for example a 13 year old calling him an ape  and people booing him because he is aboriginal. We don’t have to hate Adam Goodes because he did the aboriginal war dance, so what, he is probably just celebrating, if we just treat him like a normal footy player it will make him a happier person. One thing I am confused about is the booing about racism or is it just not generally liking the player. If you are someone who is booing Adam Goodes please stop, clearly he is feeling annoyed. This  is just my opinion if you have your own leave me your opinion, bye!

August 19

Time capsual

On Monday we opened our time capsule I predicted I would find random stuff that was useless and my prediction was right because there was just a bunch or random work sheets I didn’t need.



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August 13

Family backgrounds

Hello, today I collected data on family backgrounds in Senior S the most popular family background was Italian which was 4 people. The second most popular family background is Irish which had 3 people  other backgrounds like Scottish, Greek, Serbian had one person. Hope you enjoyed my post BYE!




August 7


There are 105,000 people in Australia are homeless and there could possibly be more, did you know that almost half of that 105,000 people are under the age of 25. There are some nice people who are generous enough to take someone that is homeless off the streets and give them a home to sleep in and get their lives back on track. A school called St Andrews are giving food for the poor so they don’t starve. Some reasons why people live o n the streets is because they don’t have enough money to pay bills or they get kicked out of their house and have to live on the streets.