June 26

Last post for term 2

In term 2, we did a bunch of cool stuff, like inter school sports, cross country running and confirmation. Some of my favourite things we did was doing first aid training, because we got to use the CPR dummies to learn how to do CPR. I also enjoyed doing our justice inquiry on animal cruelty because I learnt about how Seaworld tortures the animals there by taking them out of the sea and then keeping the animal in a cage all of its life.

Another thing I enjoyed doing was inter school sports netball B, we didn’t win many games, but at least we won one which was the last game against Hunting Tower. Another thing I liked doing this term was confirmation, because it’s the last sacrament I will be doing at St Luke’s.

Overall I had a great term, see you in term three!


June 23

Killing To Extinction

Us humans eat meat, we kill the animals for it but are we killing them too much? One example of this kind of stuff is in the 18th and 20th century 1 million sperm whales have been killed I think most of these whales have not been used for food but just for fun.

In Australia there are many extinct and endangered animals, maybe Australia are the worst with extinct animals because we kill too many animals.



June 16


For reading we did a task called cows for literacy it had lots of literacy questions for example here is one, the rising sun turns the temple into a blinding tower of gold. What time of day is it? The answer  was early morning. BYE!!!!!