March 27

Term 1

In term one I’ve done some pretty fun things like St Luke’s winning inter school sports division 2, surrealist art, science P.L.Ts and getting a new blog.

My favorite thing I did was Inter school sports because I got into 2 events and St Luke’s won division 2 .



March 24

Using images

Hi everyone! This post is about using images, it is important to create your own images or use labeled for reuse in google so it is not copyright I hope you have learnt something from this post. BYE!

March 20

Inter School Sports

Today st Lukes’ grade 4s, 5s and 6s went to Inter School Sports My events were shuttle relay and tunnel ball but they were like the last events so l I was sitting down for most of the it was pretty boring waiting to do something all day but I found ways to entertain myself doing things like talking to friends, wait a second I forgot to say something, wait it was  WE WON YAY!

Overall I had a VERY fun day.

March 13

My trip to Rye Beach

for the long weekend not so long (it’s really only 3 days ) I went to Rye Beach with my family, we stayed at the beach house on Friday night because it was late at night when we got there. On  Saturday morning my Family and I went for a walk on the beach (I saw 2 Pugs.)  for dinner we went to a pub I had Lasagna. On Sunday it was our last day at Rye, we went to the kite show (I was mostly just paying attention to the dogs around me) but the kites were pretty cool too one of the kites was a massive manta ray kite. For lunch I had a hot dog  when we went to a table to eat our food we saw Keith from The Block. When we got back to the beach house and packed our things and went back home, overall I thought I had a fun time at Rye