November 24

Week 8

This week in Senior IG we have done some good things, for most of the week I wasn’t at school because I was sick but the stuff I have done has been good.  This week we have been doing our memory books which is a book the year 6’s make where we write a page about each year level we have done. We have also had google at our school to make a site about teachers. In maths this week we did percentages where we did a worksheet with prices of things and there was for example 30% off an item and we had to work out how much money we would save. This week I have had a decent week. See ya later!

May 13

Where I Live

I live in Australia which is in the southern hemisphere, the state in Australia that I live in is Victoria and the city is Melbourne.  Melbourne is near South Australia and Sydney, in Melbourne there are lots of stadiums, the mcg, aami park, etihad and heaps of other ones. Melbourne has lots of shops in it and lots of towers, it is pretty good to go to the city every once in a while because it is great for going for a walk around in Melbourne.

Ayres Rock, Australia: A Kangaroo warning road sign in the desert near Uluru



May 11

Visiting overseas!

Visiting overseas is a terrific experience and i definitely recommend doing it. One of my favorite places overseas is Bali. I like Bali because it is very relaxing and all the people there are very welcoming, it is always warm and you will never get bored of going to Bali. Some things you can do in Bali are going to the beach, going to the monkey forest, the country is very nice there and there are many more things you can do.

Hope you learnt something about going overseas.





May 9

Food And Culture: Student blogging challenge

In Australia lots of Aussies like to have their Vegemite on toast, sandwiches and lots of other things. Vegemite is made out of yeast extract and it is pretty tasty. Most people from other countries try Vegemite and they say it is bad, that is just because they are putting on too much, you only get a little bit on your knife and spread it on your toast.

I hope you’ve learnt a thing or two about Australian food and culture.



May 6

Stephen hawking

Stephen hawking is a famous physicist that makes discoveries about space and things like that. Stephen hawking has a disease called motor neurone disease (MND) so he cannot move around, he uses a chair with a computer to help him speak and move around. He has made discoveries about black holes and other things in space.

Professor Stephen William Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA, at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge..Photograph © Jason Bye.t: 07966 173 930.e:

May 2

Using Images

Usually when we want to get a picture for our power-point we go to google and get the first image we see. Well thats not how you do it, you have to put the images on labeled for reuse .

I hope this helps you.


Video by ben mckorckle

April 12


On my school holidays I was watching the soccer and Andy Carroll scored three goals. Most of the time I was BORED. For 4 days I went camping. I didn’t see any ducks. We had Easter at our house with my Family. I saw the colour green. I said hello to someone. I went to visit my aunty. Someone said my name which is James. You don’t spell kat like that you spell it like this Cat. I said the word lion. I went to see melbourne victory at the soccer. I said the word no.I did not read the oxford dictionary. I saw a pig. I said the. I watched my older brother play Under 18s football. These holidays I was Very relaxed. I said the word what.. I did not play the xylophone. I watched some youtube. I was talking to zac on instagram.

I had a great holidays 

download (2)imagesandy-carrolldownload (1)

March 16

My Buddy

Hello, today I am going to do a blog post about my buddy,
My buddy’s name is Rupert
Rupert likes toys, playing soccer and drawing pictures
Rupert’s favorite color is green
Rupert’s favorite animals are elephants, hippos, giraffes  and dogs
Rupert’s favorite thing to do at home is drawing and watching T.V
Rupert supports Barcelona in soccer

Rupert is a great buddy.

giraffe-01  cropped-Pug_portrait-1klfodq.jpg